The future of telemedicine

Access to specialized healthcare is a global problem, and the lack of specialists where they are needed impact people’s lives, the environment, and the healthcare system’s financial balance.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals are everyday transported in ambulances seeking specialized healthcare at reference Hospitals due to fractures and trauma care. So, this leaves a carbon footprint, a dent in the healthcare financial operation, and a wastage of precious hours of the patient.

For this problem, there are two options:

That is why we created MedAssist, a mobile expert opinion software designed asynchronously, where the specialist knowledge is embedded in the code, providing structured consultations with a high-resolution rate. With our solution, one expert can provide care for over 4.5 million people with a 95% resolution rate. We achieved a 2.5 million dollars economy, reduced 77 thousand hours of the patient journey, and avoided 650 tons of carbon emission into the atmosphere, with more than 17 thousand consultations made.
We believe the future of telehealth is a combination of intelligent software and expert knowledge.